I was thinking of writing about the 5 top harmful images for black children but I realized that would take all day, so I settled on one of the most annoying on my top five list….Pirates!!! Now why in the heck would anybody put a pirate in a children’s show […]

Good Grief! Pirates in Children’s Shows…

I hardly do anything special for my Earthday except for cake and Ethiopian food, but this year it was going to be a date with the great healer, Dr. Sebi…    A lil’ story first…about 10 years ago I could barely wait to see Dr. Sebi for the first time…and […]

A Night Out with Dr. Sebi for my Earthday…

When you have a family of four, being economical becomes more of a priority.  As my family has grown, I have had to seek variety and economy alongside nutrition in our breakfast choices. We eat different types of porridge, but mostly oatmeal, especially in the winter.  As one might imagine, […]

Eazy Breezy Chia Cereal